Pen Needle
Pen Needle
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Pen Needle

  • Optimum treatment with maximun sinplicity
  • sterile, Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic
  • Double point system
  • Patient point with triple beveling for easy and atraumatic
  • Cartridge point sharpened for a perfect punch with no fragmentation
  • Easy flow of medication without any impurities
  • Compatible with all available pen models.
  • different color for different guage.
Description Catalog NO.
29G(0.33)×1/2"(12mm) 1-601
30G(0.30)×1/6"(4mm) 1-602
30G(0.30)×1/4"(6mm) 1-603
30G(0.30)×1/3"(8mm) 1-604
31G(0.25)×1/6"(4mm) 1-605
31G(0.25)×1/4"(6mm) 1-606
31G(0.25)×1/3"(8mm) 1-607
32G(0.23)×1/6"(4mm) 1-608
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